Did you know that 95% of water heater replacements are emergency jobs? Very few people proactively replace their water heater and wait until a catastrophic failure leaves them no choice.

    Water heater services in San Clemente, CA, from Bill Metzger Plumbing can help you avoid this scenario. We install high-end storage and tankless water heaters. Then, we provide the maintenance and repair work you need to keep your unit running for at least the next decade. Our services also make it easy to catch and reverse small problems before you end up with a flooded basement or garage.

    To schedule water heater installation, repair, or maintenance in San Clemente, CA, and the surrounding areas, please contact us.

    Water Heater Services in San Clemente, CA

    No matter what water heater services you need, we have you covered. Here’s what we offer:
    • Water heater installation: We install energy-efficient, self-cleaning Bradford White water heaters with six- to ten-year warranty coverage. These top-of-the-line products are only available from licensed plumbers like Bill Metzger Plumbing. Our crew will complete the installation quickly and haul away your old unit for your convenience.
    • Water heater repair: If your water goes cold or turns rust-colored, or you notice strange sounds coming from the water heater, it may be time for a repair. We offer upfront estimates and professional advice regarding repairs vs. replacements so you can make an informed decision.
    • Water heater maintenance: Flushing the tank and testing the safety mechanisms once a year ensures a long, efficient life for your water heater.
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    Affordable San Clemente Tankless Water Heater Service

    Do you have a big family that uses a lot of water? Are you tired of cold showers ruining your morning? A tankless water heater in San Clemente, CA, could be right for you! This technology allows water to be heated on demand rather than storing it in a tank, so you can take endless back-to-back showers and never run out of hot water. Plus, because standby heat loss is eliminated, your water heating bills can decrease by an average of 8%-34%, depending on your water usage.

    Our tankless water heater services include:
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    • Tankless water heater installation: We install some of the best tankless water heaters on the market from Noritz, Rheem, Bradford White, and other top brands. The initial investment is often higher for tankless units, but the superior efficiency and performance are well worth it for most of our customers.
    • Tankless water heater repair: While they are rugged, durable, and meant to last 20 years or more, tankless water heaters do require occasional repairs. We’re here to make sure you’re not stuck with cold showers for long!
    • Tankless water heater maintenance: Tankless units should be flushed once a year to remove mineral deposits from the burner system. This improves efficiency and flow rate for the best possible performance in the coming years.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Water Heaters

    Most tank-style water heaters last anywhere from 8-12 years. More modern tankless water heaters can last upwards of 15 years. Routine maintenance plays a big role in your water heater’s expected service life, but we recommend you start researching replacement models around the 10-year mark.

    If your water heater’s temperature and pressure (T&P) valve doesn’t turn off your water heater when the temperature or pressure is too high, your water heater could burst. However, many water heater leaks are caused by corrosion or sediment buildup. We recommend draining your water heater tank at least once per year and investing in annual maintenance to keep necessary repairs reasonable.

    A traditional (tank-style) water heater is comprised of a large tank that holds around 60 to 100 gallons of water. It must store the water between 120- and 140 degrees F at all times so it’s ready when needed. Tank-style water heaters require more energy consumption and strain on the unit, which is why storage water heaters wear out after only eight to 12 years.

    Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, generate hot water on demand. Powerful electric elements or gas burners create an impressive temperature rise when you need hot water. Once the water turns off, so does the tankless unit, saving energy and reducing wear and tear.

    Yes. Just like all of your other home comfort systems, regular maintenance for your water heater is a sound investment that will eliminate the need for high repair or replacement costs if something suddenly goes wrong. Water heater maintenance will also increase your system’s efficiency, saving you money on your monthly energy bill!

    More questions? We’d love to answer them! Simply reach out online or give our team of experts a call today! We’re standing by to provide you with everything you need to maintain your home’s comfort.

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    Schedule Water Heater Installation, Repair & Maintenance in San Clemente

    Hot water isn’t a luxury—it’s a daily necessity for cooking, cleaning, showering, laundering, and washing dishes. Don’t let an old, inefficient water heater drive up your utility costs or threaten to fail you. Bill Metzger Plumbing can perform the repair or replacement you need to maximize the efficiency of your daily hot water usage.

    For your peace of mind, we are family owned and operated with over four decades of experience behind us. Our licensed and insured with workers comp and general liability plumbers also offer same-day service in many cases.

    To arrange water heater services in San Clemente, please call us today.