The decision to replace your tankless water heater is a significant one. You’ll need to choose a knowledgeable plumber for the job, and you’ll want to make sure the unit is sized and installed correctly.

For reliable water heater replacement services in San Clemente, CA, turn to Bill Metzger Plumbing. Our licensed and insured team has over 50 years of experience serving the community.

Our Tankless Water Heater Replacement Services

Expect quality equipment and professional services when you choose Bill Metzger Plumbing for tankless water heater replacement.

Here’s what this process entails:
  1. Select a fuel: Your primary choices include natural gas and electricity. We also install propane tankless water heaters.
  2. Pick an installation location: In our warm climate, it’s possible to install tankless water heaters either inside or outside the home.
  3. Pick a brand: We install some of today’s most trusted tankless brands, including Noritz.
  4. Size your water heater: To meet demand, your tankless water heater must have the appropriate flow rate and temperature rise.
  5. Compare efficiency ratings: A higher upfront investment may be required for high-performance equipment, but the resulting energy savings could make the investment worth it.

Replacing your tankless water heater isn’t a DIY job—call Bill Metzger Plumbing for the professional service you need!

Consider replacing your tankless water heater sooner rather than later if:
  • The unit is approaching 20 years old.
  • You notice steadily rising water heating costs.
  • You’re tired of needing tankless water heater repairs.