Water Lines

Bill Metzger Plumbing can replace, repair, or inspect your water line. Did you know that the water line that runs from the street to your home is your responsibility? Most people find out the hard way when the line deteriorates and leaks, and they are faced with flooding and high water bills. New underground technologies are permanently altering the landscape of the construction industry, capturing the imaginations and budgets of water departments, cable operators public utilities, and others. Although it’s a revolution going on right under our feet, the average water, cable, or energy user is barely aware of it. In some cases, we can even bore under driveways and sidewalks to preserve landscaping.

What’s the new technology revolutionizing the industry? The answer is that now underground construction capabilities, grouped under the heading of “trenchless construction,” enable contractors to lay, rehabilitate, and upgrade pipe and cable without digging open trenches. Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits, trenchless methods are finding applications that would have been unthinkable even a few years ago. In the process, it’s saving huge amounts in construction, labor, and renovation costs, getting rid the frustrations and delays often accompanying the older open trench technology and even enabling multi-year projects to come in on-time, on-budget and ,often times, under-budget.


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