Is your tankless water heater acting up? If it’s well under 20 years old, it might not be time for a replacement just yet. See what repair services from Bill Metzger Plumbing can do to restore the performance and efficiency of your tankless unit.

    For tankless water heater repair services in San Clemente, CA, please contact us online or call us.

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    Types of Tankless Water Heaters We Repair

    Tankless water heaters are praised for being robust and long-lasting, but they do break down occasionally. The next time your unit acts up, choose Bill Metzger Plumbing for the repairs you need. We offer emergency plumbing services, including convenient, same-day tankless water heater repair with no overtime charges.

    We can help out, no matter what type of water heater you have! Here are the varieties of tankless models we service:
    • Gas Tankless Water Heaters
    • Electric Tankless Water Heaters
    • Outdoor Tankless Water Heaters
    • Indoor Tankless Water Heaters
    • Propane Tankless Water Heaters

    Don’t wait to schedule tankless water heater repair—give us a call any time to request services.

    Signs you Need Tankless Water Heater Repair in San Clemente

    Watch for these signs that your tankless water heater needs attention:

    If your shower suddenly turns ice-cold and won’t get hot again, you need our services without delay!

    A clogged filter could be to blame. Our professionals can replace this component, if needed, or diagnose any other underlying problems.

    There could be an electrical problem with your water heater. Just remember not to run the dishwasher or washing machine while taking a shower to help prevent this.

    New tankless water heaters—or older ones with loose connections—can cause sudden power surges and trip the circuit breaker. To resolve this issue, you may need to have the appliance put on a dedicated circuit.

    Sometimes, the utility company is at fault, but if only the hot water is affected, your tankless water heater could be to blame.

    If you see any of these signs or experience other problems with your tankless water heater, please call us to schedule a repair.

    Why Choose Bill Metzger Plumbing plumbing for Water Heater Repair Services?

    We are pleased to deliver personalized service and expert results on every water heater repair we perform. Over the past 50 years, we have built a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. If we determine that a water heater replacement is in your best interest, we will provide our expert opinion and help you pursue that option instead of a repair if you choose.

    Turn to Bill Metzger Plumbing for all your plumbing service needs. You can reach us online or by phone.

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    FAQ About Tankless Water Heater Repair

    Before you contact us, see if you can find the answer to your question here:

    With proper maintenance, a tankless unit can last up to 20 years.

    As long as the unit is less than two decades old and doesn’t have a serious underlying issue, it should be possible to fix it. We’ll provide a repair and replacement estimate so you can make an educated decision.

    If you have a gas tankless water heater, the flame should glow a steady blue color. If it’s yellowish-orange or flickers, there could be a carbon monoxide leak. Turn off your water heater and call us right away!

    Contact us today for more information about repairing your water heater.