Reliable Kitchen Plumbing Services

    Indoor kitchen plumbing started gaining traction in the U.S. in the 1840s, and we’ve been dependent on it ever since. The days of hauling water from the well and having separate buckets for washing and rinsing have gone the way of the covered wagon – but all that can change in an instant if something goes wrong with your kitchen’s plumbing.

    Kitchen Plumbing in San Clemente

    Without a good kitchen plumber to call and without proper care and maintenance of your kitchen’s pipes and fixtures, you and your family might find yourself a play-acting pioneer under your roof – not exactly ideal.

    Here at Bill Metzger Plumbing, we’ve been sprucing up and putting the right kitchens in the San Clemente area for over 50 years. Our qualified technicians have truly seen it all, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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    Common Kitchen Plumbing Services

    Common kitchen plumbing services we offer in the San Clemente, CA area include:
    • Garbage disposal replacement, installation & repair – Because sometimes junior thinks a toy truck is a turnip and stuffs it right in there. We’ll get your garbage disposal back up and running in no time.
      Dishwasher replacement, installation & repair – For a more sanitary, worry-free clean, call on us to install a dishwasher or have your current one repaired.
    • Clogged drain cleaning & repair – Your mother-in-law is over, hanging over your shoulder as you wash dishes. The sink is refusing to drain, and she snipes, “You have to take better care of your pipes!” Don’t let clogged drains slow you down–contact Bill Metzger Plumbing and get your drains back in working order.
    • Water pressure regulation – Water pressure that’s too high often equates to higher water bills. Let us provide you with a water pressure regulator to prevent the many damages this issue can cause.
    • Leaky or burst pipe repair – Drip, drip, drip–no matter how hard you turn the faucet handle, that stubborn sink leak won’t stop. That’s money and peace of mind, right down the kitchen drain. Let us halt the leaks before they become bursts or stop a burst from ruining your kitchen plumbing.
    • Plumbing fixture installation – We carry a full suite of American Standard fixtures and will help you find a kitchen sink or faucet you’ll be thrilled with.

    Don’t see your issue on our list? Try us anyway – chances are we can help.

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    Why Choose Bill Metzger Plumbing for Kitchen Plumbing?

    We have a long service history in the San Clemente area and are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau for trustworthy and reliable practices. We are a family business that is locally owned and operated–you may have run into our technicians while out shopping. We offer same-day service, absolutely NO overtime charges, and only hire licensed, insured, and qualified plumbing technicians.

    Want to hear more? We invite you to have a look at what some of our satisfied customers have to say.

    Why Choose Bill Metzger Plumbing for Kitchen Plumbing?

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