You don’t often think about your pipes. Turn the shower or faucet handle, flush the toilet, and the water magically appears and disappears. It’s not until that process is interrupted that most people realize they have a problem that needs prompt attention. Whether you have a pipe burst or other problems, the team at Bill Metzger Plumbing can help. Our certified plumbing specialists can repair your pipes and restore your comfort!

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    Pipe Services in Orange County

    Our Pipe Services

    We offer a broad range of pipe services in Orange County, including:

    Pipe Relining

    Roots, corrosion, and other damage can cause sinks and toilets to back up. Damaged pipes can diminish water quality, affect your health, and diminish water flow. Pipe relining with cured-in-place pipe, or CIPP, can solve the problem. This pipeline is fed into your pipes to create a pipe within the pipe. Our CIPP is thick and strong and fully capable of restoring the structural stability you need within your pipes.

    We can use CIPP within a wide range of pipes, including clay pipes, cast-iron pipes, PVC, ABS, HDPE, concrete, and more. Further, we can reline your pipes using trenchless, inversion, or patch repairs. We’ll determine which solution is best based on the distances required and other considerations.

    Pipe Bursting

    Pipe bursting is an efficient and effective method of rehabilitating and replacing the gas, water, sewer, and power lines within your home. It can break apart and make it easier to remove clay, cast iron, PVC, and other types of pipes. The process involves using a hydraulic or pneumatic expansion head to open and force the pipe outward. It’s effective and means no need to dig trenches to complete the task.

    If you have older pipes, frequent blockages, slow-moving drains, or persistent leaks, then pipe bursting and pipe replacement can solve your plumbing problems. We’ll help you determine if pipe bursting is best for your home or another more advisable method.

    Pipe Bursting

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