Slab Leak Orange County

If you have a leak underneath or within your home’s concrete slab foundations it can be a big problem – simple corrosion (in older pipes) or small leaks in soft copper pipes can start with higher utility bills and rapidly escalate into flooding and major damage.  If you suspect that there is a problem with the pipes underneath your home (commonly the hot water pipes) it is important to get an expert to look at it sooner rather than later.  If you have had a catastrophic leak, then of course it’s important to shut off your mains water and tank water heater lines as soon as possible – if you need help locating these call us immediately. For all your slab leak diagnosis and repair in Orange County you count on the expertise you receive from Bill Metzger Plumbing .

We can help you with expert leak location to pinpoint the source of the problem and explain some of the various options to repair it for you.  We can offer you a range of possible high-tech solutions including epoxy pipe lining, which can repair the leak without digging. At all times you can count upon respectful and professional plumbers, with care for your home and guaranteed workmanship.  It’s your assurance of reliable service when you need it most.  We can even help by giving you the price up-front, so that you can make an informed choice, and offer financing to approved applicants.

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