Reliable Trenchless Sewer Line Services Throughout Orange County

First things first. What do we mean by “trenchless sewer line replacement?” Well, let’s break down the words. Digging a trench means a large hole in the ground – often necessary to access the pipes that need to be replaced–but not anymore. With trenchless sewer line replacement, our qualified plumbers can repair your damaged pipes without the invasive excavation work typical of such home projects. (Pretty cool, right?)

Suffering from a sewer line backup but don’t want to dig up your yard? Call Bill Metzger Plumbing or contact us online today and we’ll be there in no time.

What Causes Trenchless Sewer Line Backups?

Well, a variety of things, including:
  • The terrible tree root problem – Tree roots love to encircle vulnerable sewer lines and choke them like the world’s slowest-moving pythons. This added pressure can cause blockages and breaks.
  • Old and damaged sewer lines – Over time, sewer lines can become misaligned, cracked, broken, or clogged.
  • Heavy rains – Sudden deluges can inundate unprepared sewer systems, increasing the pressure and causing backups into homes.
  • Clogs – Sewer lines that are clogged can’t send wastewater where it needs to go – and when you can’t go forward, the only place left to go is back.