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Video Pipe Inspection Services in San Clemente, CA

Are you experiencing frequent sewer line clogs, backups, or have high water bills in San Clemente, CA? These are all signs of a sewer line leakage, but don’t worry! Here at Bill Metzger, we offer video pipe inspection services that aid in leak detection with pinpoint accuracy. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with reliable and high-quality video pipe inspection services in San Clemente, CA. Plus, we use no-dig video inspection technology that is minimally invasive, protecting your sewer line and your home.

Prevent costly repairs with high-quality video pipe inspection services from Bill Metzger! Schedule a service today by calling (949) 492-3558.

Benefits of a Video Pipe Inspection

Video pipe inspection offers a variety of benefits. It allows technicians to point out the exact location of the pipe problem, which without video pipe inspection, would be a question of guesswork. It also helps in determining the extent of the damage, such as extra corrosion or leaks while being minimally invasive.

A pipe video inspection also aids in determining clog composition. This way, our plumber will have an easier time figuring out just what to do to get the job done right.

Video Pipe Inspections vs. Traditional Methods

With video pipe inspections, all forms of guesswork regarding clogged drains are virtually eliminated. This means no messing up your yard or home to see where the problem is, as there’s no need for digging. This can save you both time and money as well as preventing unnecessary mishaps like spills and extra leaks.

Avoid the accidents and need for repeat testing with a top-of-the-line video pipe inspection. Call (949) 492-3558 to schedule a service.

Why Choose Bill Metzger?

Using only the best in modern technology, we here at Bill Metzger ensure 100% customer satisfaction with every service we provide. Our team of technicians is highly trained and knowledgeable. We offer exceptional services to handle all your pipe issues and needs, including sewers, drain lines, vent stacks, ducts, and more!

Take the guesswork out of pipeline services with a video pipe inspection in the San Clemente area. Call now at (949) 492-3558 to schedule an appointment.


When would I need a video pipe inspection?

Professional plumbers recommend scheduling video pipe inspections for any home that is more than 35 years old. It is because old homes depend on aging clay-fired pipes that are vulnerable to root intrusion.

What is the cost of a video pipe inspection?

Most video pipe inspections cost between $250 and $350. If you are nervous about shady or dishonest contractors, you can always request a copy of the video pipe inspection yourself.

 When is the right time to replace sewer lines?

Consider replacing sewer lines that are more than 40 years old. However, there are times when you will be forced to replace them earlier if they are damaged by heavy use, roots, or other problems.

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