Pipe Relining in Orange County

    If you have roots in your sewer pipe or you have a corroded bottomless cast iron pipe with rough edges or rusty surfaces, you may find that your kitchen sink or toilet is backed up, or your drains are blocked. If the sewage pipe is cracked, you may even notice a foul odor emanating from the floor or condominium walls. The roots in the sewer pipe will always grow back in search of water, no matter how often you unblock the root-damaged pipe. Also, cracked and broken pipes result in water infiltration, which causes sewer processing costs to increase, and water exfiltration, which means sewage is leaking into the environment!

    Pipe Relining Services

    If the broken pipe is in an apartment wall, such as leaking vertical roof drains or vertical sewer pipes, collateral damage can become quite extensive from a blocked drain. Imagine the second-floor condo flooding every time someone flushes a toilet on any of the 20 floors above it and imagine nobody notices the clogged drain for a few days!

    Cured-In-Place Pipe

    Pipe relining can replace pipes without digging up walls, floors, driveways, or landscaping. The pipe lining process installs a pipe within the old pipe, typically from a rooftop or outside the building where the sewer service lateral comes out under the building on the way to the sewer main line. Sewer main lines can also be relined; the re-lining can be done in its entirety or in small sections.

    The pipeline will install the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) typically from one access point, and the pipe lining will harden in 3 hours. There are different types of pipe coatings; some are structural where they are as thick and strong as a new pipe (CIPP), and others are merely pipe coating (epoxy pipe lining). Not all pipeline coatings are the same either; it depends on the pipeline’s pH, temperature, and structural conditions.

    Where Can CIPP Lining Be Used?

    The lining process can be used to rehabilitate virtually any type of pipe, including:
    • Clay pipes
    • Cast iron pipes
    • Orangeburg pipes
    • PVC pipes
    • ABS pipes
    • HDPE pipes
    • Concrete pipes
    • Roof drain stacks
    • Underground piping
    • Vertical pipelines (such as roof leaders, electrical conduit lines, and chiller pipelines)

    Signs You Need Pipe Relining

    Because most plumbing pipes are underground, you probably can’t take a look at your pipes for yourself. While a video inspection is beneficial and can give you insight into the condition of your pipes, other indicators show when it’s time to have your pipes relined.

    Some signs that it is time to schedule this service include:
    • Low water quality
    • Trees nearby that could puncture old pipes
    • Water backing up in your home
    • Sludge in the tub or shower
    • Debris or clogs in the pipes

    At the first sign of these problems, contact Bill Metzger Plumbing. We will help you assess the problem to determine if pipe relining is the solution.

    Types Of Pipe Relining Services

    At Bill Metzger Plumbing, we have several types of pipe relining services we can offer.

    Some of the different relining processes we offer include:
    • Trenchless pipe relining – Trenchless pipe relining sends an insert into the pipe to repair it without digging a big hole in your yard.
    • Inversion pipe relining – This system repairs longer distances of pipe measuring two meters or more. It sends resin into the pipe to serve as a liner and repair the problems.
    • Patch repair – If just a small section of pipe is damaged, this repair process sends a rubber sleeve into the pipe to fix it.

    No matter what type of pipe problem you have, we will help you find a solution. Call to learn more about pipe relining options in San Clemente.

    Why Choose Bill Metzger Plumbing for Pipe Relining in Orange County

    Bill Metzger Plumbing is the obvious choice when you need pipe relining in Orange County. Our team can offer relining services for most types of pipes, with no disruption to your landscape. Even if your pipes are far underground, you can trust our experienced team to reline them properly. We have been serving the area for 50 years and are dedicated to reliable service, honest prices, and family values.

    Reach out to Bill Metzger Plumbing at or contact us online to discuss your pipe relining needs in Orange County.

    Why Choose Bill Metzger Plumbing for Pipe Relining in Orange County

    Pipe Relining FAQS

    Pipe relining can last 50 years or more when done by a qualified professional. This is a cost-effective way to deal with a damaged pipe without replacing it completely.

    For most sewer pipe problems, relining is a better option than replacement because of the damage done to your home’s landscaping and the cost. However, some types of pipe damage cannot be fixed with relining, so always have a professional take a look.

    Pipe relining repairs cracked and broken pipes by inserting a lining inside the pipe to eliminate cracks and holes. The new material creates a new pipe inside the damaged one, sealing off cracks and allowing proper water flow.

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