Water Heater Services in Huntington Beach, CA

    Water heaters are hardworking appliances that help to accomplish any number of household tasks, including bathing, dishwashing, cleaning, laundry, and more. The best way to ensure the longevity, performance, and efficiency of your water heater is with professional water heater services from a trusted plumbing company.

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    Bill Metzger Plumbing has been providing top-quality products and services to homeowners throughout the Huntington Beach area for over 50 years and has worked hard to earn and maintain our reputation for value, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

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    Water Heater Installation & Replacement

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    Most water heaters have a life span of between 10 and 15 years, and while regular maintenance can help to increase the longevity of your appliance, the time will come when it needs to be replaced. We offer a wide array of water heaters from some of the industry’s top manufacturers and will complete your installation using the latest tools and techniques. Our licensed and certified water heater installation experts remain current on the latest innovations in technology with ongoing education. Before your purchase, our technician will help you choose the right product to suit your lifestyle, needs, and budget, to maximize your investment and ensure years of reliable, efficient performance.

    Water Heater Repair

    As your water heater nears the end of its life span, efficiency is likely to decrease, and parts may need to be repaired or your water heater may need replacement.

    Contact Bill Metzger Plumbing for water heater repair at the first signs of an issue to prevent further damage to your home or appliance, if you notice any of the following:
    • Unexplained rise in the cost of energy
    • No hot water
    • Strange odors
    • Discolored hot water or flakes of rust in the hot water only
    • Loud or unusual noises
    • Water leakage
    • Decrease in hot water supply
    • And more

    Water Heater Maintenance

    Annual water heater maintenance can help to ensure the efficient, reliable performance of your appliance. During your appointment, one of our skilled technicians will inspect and flush the tank, test the safety mechanisms, and make recommendations for water heater repair or replacement as needed.

    Is a Tankless Water Heater Right for You?

    Tankless water heater technology is an ideal solution for homeowners looking to save money on the cost of their monthly bills, reduce energy usage, and ensure a steady, endless supply of hot water for their busy household.

    Our tankless water heater services include:
    • Tankless water heater installation
      We install all makes and models of equipment from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Noritz. While you may expect your initial investment to be higher than a traditional hot water tank, long-term savings may be had due to exceptional efficiency and performance.
    • Tankless water heater repair
      Tankless water heaters can last upwards of 20 years and, like any other appliance, may require periodic repair.
    • Tankless water heater maintenance
      Ensure optimal efficiency and flow rate with annual maintenance that includes an inspection and flushing of the unit.
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