Plumbing Services in Placentia, CA

    Placentia is Orange County’s premium district. Its thriving housing market and laid-back atmosphere make it a wonderland for fun-loving investors. Rentals dominate the region, so this is the perfect spot for earning a passive income.

    Whether you live in your own home or lease it, you’ll need to make sure your plumbing is in tip-top shape. We’d hate you to sacrifice your beach time, so at Bill Metzger Plumbing, we take care of your infrastructure from end to end quickly.

    We install commercial and residential systems, then keep them in perfect condition. Our replacements, repairs, and tune-ups will ensure that your plumbing is as functional today as it was on the day you installed it.
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    Commercial Plumbing Systems Placentia

    Placentia is one of LA’s most sought-after suburbs, so it’s a profitable spot for your business. We install and repair industrial plumbing systems, fire sprinklers, and innovative bathroom fixtures. We offer our services at every phase of your property development, so if you’re still waiting to lay the first brick, we’ll work around your preconstruction schedule. We’ll take the time to understand your needs. Our fair prices and service excellence make for a highly efficient and pleasant experience.

    Residential Plumbing in Placentia

    Your plumbing keeps your home disease- and mildew-free. It is an integral part of your fire safety strategy and contributes to your indoor climate. Bill Metzger Plumbing can handle the entire lifespan of your fixtures, heaters, and pipes.

    We install, repair, and maintain:
    • Water heaters, including tankless systems
    • Leak and drip repairs
    • Sewer and gas lines
    • Water filtration, including hard water treatments
    • Water pressure repairs
    • Fixture installations and repairs

    Placentia’s engineers and water pros keep local water supplies safe, but contaminants are often detected. Ratings haven’t been updated in nearly two decades, so a whole-house water purifier is the only way to ensure excellent water quality. Hard water prevails throughout California, and it affects the taste of your tap water and stains your appliances. We’ll make sure you can enjoy soft, delicious water around the clock.

    Inspections in Placentia, CA

    Regular inspections are essential for preventative care.

    We offer comprehensive inspection services that cover:
    1. Exposed plumbing system
      We will visually inspect your plumbing to ensure everyone’s safety. We can recommend improvements that will save you money and give you peace of mind.
    2. Water heater
      We will inspect the emergency water shut-off, drain valve, thermostat, gas/electric connections, temperature, and pressure relief valve, temperature setting, gas thermocouple, emergency gas shut-off, flue pipe, and the draft.
    3. Water service
      We will check your water pressure regulator. High pressure can damage a water heater or cause a pipe to burst in your plumbing system over time, including washing machine hoses.
    4. Sinks, faucets, tub, shower, dishwasher, disposal, toilet
      We will check for leaks, (a small drip could waste hundreds of gallons of water and increase your water bill) aerators, handles, mounting seal, drain flow, trap/tubing, water supplies, water shut-offs, pop-up operation, strainer, disposal, and dishwasher hose. Toilet test includes flush, seat, bolt caps, base movement, supply line, and emergency water shut-off.
    5. Water softener
      Water softener is tested for hardness and emergency water shut-off operation.
    6. Washing machine
      We will check your emergency water shut-off, drain, and hoses. Worn hoses could burst resulting in flooding and expensive water damage.

    Plumbing Fixture Services Placentia

    Your plumbing fixtures form the core of your bathroom and kitchen decor, so the form must follow function. We’ll help you find the most beautiful fixtures on the market today so that your anxieties melt away when you enter your bathroom. You can always count on our attention to detail. We’ll help you remodel your powder room, add a new bathroom, or expand your kitchen. Our team has the taste and skill to make your decor dreams a sparkling reality. We’ll maintain and repair all our installations so that your system runs efficiently and safely. Call us to arrange a consultation.

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    Fixture Repair in Placentia

    Taking pride in the look and feel of your home or business is extremely important. It’s also important to make sure your fixtures are up-to-date or working properly. Bill Metzger Plumbing is available to assist with all your residential or commercial plumbing fixture repairs or replacement needs. If you suspect a problem with your toilet, sink, faucet, tub, or any other fixture, we can diagnose the problem and make all the necessary repairs. Our goal is to keep your entire plumbing system running smoothly, efficiently, and economically.

    Sump Pumps in Placentia

    Your sump pump is your last line of defense from water getting into your basement and ruining your possessions or that recently remodeled family room.

    The plumbers at Bill Metzger Plumbing have the experience to handle the following:
    • Sump pump installations
    • Sump pump repairs
    • Sump pump maintenance
    • Sump pit installations
    • Sump pump battery backup systems

    Your sump pump must be properly sized and installed correctly. We make sure that we use a brand that can withstand the demands of pumping water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Water Pumps in Placentia

    We specialize in water pump repair and are one of the oldest water pump rebuilders in the United States. We have rebuilt water pumps for homes and industrial stationery. We offer fast work, quick turnaround, and fair prices. We take pride in the skill it takes to do a quality water pump rebuild. Contact us for more information on a water pump repair or a water pump rebuild.

    Earthquake Emergency Shut-Off Valves in Placentia

    Because earthquakes are a matter of “when” not “if,” installing earthquake shut-off valves can help to prevent explosions by sensing and measuring the intensity of an earthquake and then shutting off the gas valve if the reading of the earthquake measures 5.4 or higher on the Richter scale as read at the location of the shut-off valve. Bill Metzger Plumbing highly recommends that you have this system installed at your home/commercial property, especially in buildings of more than three units. Call today to discuss how you can protect your property.

    Grease Trap Cleaning in Placentia

    Finding a grease servicing company that specializes and performs a combination of grease trap/interceptor cleaning, used cooking oil/grease collection, hydro jetting/plumbing, and hot water pressure washing service can be a nightmare, to say the least. The perfect company that offers these combinations of services is not easy to find. There are hardly any reputable companies that can provide a full line of grease servicing products that cater to the food service industry. However, if you are hunting for a full-service grease company that can cater to all your needs, your search ends right here. Bill Metzger Plumbing is a highly reputable grease servicing company specializing in the food service industry for over 50 years.

    Backflow prevention in Placentia

    Backflow is the undesirable reversal in the flow of water from a real or potential source of contamination back to the potable, or clean, water supply. Consider having a garden hose in a bucket of soapy water at your home and having a backflow event occur, causing that soapy water to “backflow” into the drinking water portion of your home. Various types of backflow preventers exist for different applications and health hazard conditions. Check state and other local administrative codes or other regulations for the correct backflow to use. The most common are reduced pressure backflow preventers and double backflow preventer valves. Backflow preventers are primarily used in a sewer, wastewater, residential, sprinkler, and irrigation backflow applications. If you are looking for a backflow prevention system, give us a call today to keep your water and sewer safe.

    Pressure Regulators in Placentia

    Water pressure regulators control both the water pressure and the flow rate of the incoming water supply into your home. Regulators are used to allowing high-pressure water supply lines to be reduced to safe and usable pressures. A properly installed pressure regulator can eliminate many common plumbing problems, saving you both time and money in the long run. However, a damaged or worn-out pressure regulator can result in dangerously high-water pressure being present in your home. Many common issues can be easily prevented or solved through the installation or replacement of a water pressure regulator.

    Problems Caused by High Water Pressure:
    • Broken or burst pipes that can lead to flooding
    • Continual sound of running water
    • Running toilets
    • Damage to your appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerator ice makers, or washing machines
    • Banging pipe sounds
    • Leaking sprinkler valves
    • High water bills

    Our expertly trained professionals can help determine the unique needs of your plumbing system and what solution best works for your situation.

    Tank-Type & Tankless Water Heaters in Placentia

    Running out of hot water? Have a big home and family that uses lots of hot water? Then a tankless water heater could be right for you. You can use up to 200 gallons of hot water an hour. Bill Metzger Plumbing only sells and installs the very best tankless water heaters on the market. Installed correctly with a new enlarged vent, a three-fourths gas line to meet the increased BTUs needed, and a new water filter, the final cost can be between $2,000 to $3,000 or more, depending on extras. For most customers, it has been well worth it. Contact us today for the tank and tankless water heaters.

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    Water Heater Repair in Placentia

    Hundreds of Placentia network of repair service professionals. Our local pros receive training and have access to millions of repair parts for the most popular water heater brands, so you get the best of Bill Metzger Plumbing. Right around the corner in the Placentia, CA, area, schedule your Placentia water heater repair service.

    Water Heater Replacement in Placentia

    We are one of the few water heater installation companies in Placentia that are certified and highly recommended. We provide quality water heaters, basic installations, repairs, or disposals of your old unit; extra parts and labor are required to do the job right. If your old water heater needs to be replaced, give us a call today for expert services to keep your water clean and heated.

    Water Heater Inspections in Placentia

    The typical water heater is usually a cylindrical tank with a heat source in or below the tank used to heat entering cold water for the supply of hot water to a home when needed. Most residential water heaters have a 38- to 50-gallon, glass-lined steel tank (but can range up to 88 gallons). The heat source can be either natural gas or propane, oil, electricity, solar, or geothermal. The life expectancy of the average water heater is eight to 12 years for gas and oil, 10 to 15 for electrical, solar, and geothermal, and over 20 years for tankless (made of stainless steel).

    Noritz Tankless Hot water heater
    There are several different types of hot water systems used in the U.S., including indirect water heater systems, dual-purpose water heater systems, on-demand water heater systems (or tankless), high-efficiency gas systems, or direct vent systems. Indirect water heater systems use a boiler to heat the water. Dual-purpose water heaters also referred to as hedonic water heaters, use one of the heat types above and then store domestic water while circulating hot water through a heat exchanger connected to a forced-air furnace. On-demand water heaters, or tankless, only heat the water when there is a demand for it, and they do not have a storage tank. Instant water heaters are small (a half-gallon) and are located near the tap — a design that provides hot water for only one tap.

    Basic Components

    Whether the water heater uses gas, oil, or electricity to fuel the heat source, all water heaters share the following basic components:
    • Cold water inlet pipe
    • Cold water control valve
    • Cold water dip tube
    • Hot water outlet pipe
    • Anti-corrosion or sacrificial anode
    • Drain valve
    • Temperature/pressure relief valve
    • TPRV discharge tube

    Leak Detection in Placentia

    Bill Metzger Plumbing offers a noninvasive way to test and locate leaks in the potable hot and cold water systems throughout the house. Our detections include a thorough check of the water system, identification of the origin of the leak, multiple estimates for the repair, and a solid guarantee with our services.

    Slab Leak Detection in Placentia

    If you have a leak underneath or within your home’s concrete slab foundations, it can be a big problem — simple corrosion in older pipes or small leaks in soft copper pipes can start with higher utility bills and rapidly escalate into flooding and major damage. If you suspect that there is a problem with the pipes underneath your home — commonly, the hot water pipes — it is important to get an expert to look at it sooner rather than later. If you have had a catastrophic leak, then, of course, it’s important to shut off your main water and tank water heater lines as soon as possible — if you need help locating these, call us immediately. For all your slab leak diagnosis and repair in Placentia, California, you count on the expertise you receive from Bill Metzger Plumbing.

    Gas Leak Detection in Placentia

    We can locate gas smells and/0r gas leaks. We have gas detectors just like the gas company, and it’s now gas company policy to shut off your gas to the whole house and lock it in the off position if you believe you have a gas leak. We will locate the problem and do whatever work is needed to correct the problem and try to keep your house in service if possible.

    Drain cleaning in Placentia

    Clogged drains? No problem! At Bill Metzger Plumbing, we specialize in clearing drains. Whether it is your kitchen, bath, basement, or toilet, we can handle any drain. We have advanced tools and technology to get to the root of the problem.

    Along with a great price, every time you call Bill Metzger Plumbing, you also get:
    • Reliable technicians – Our technicians are all background checked, drug tested, and properly trained.
    • Cleanliness guaranteed – We respect you and your property.
    • Same-day service – Call before noon and get service today! You can even get emergency service at night or on weekends.

    Types of Drains We Work With

    • Kitchen drains
    • Bathroom sink drains
    • Bathtub drains
    • Shower drains
    • Main lines — drain cleanings
    • Floor drains
    • Clogged toilets
    • Sewer drain cleanings

    Sewer & Water Pipes/Lines in Placentia

    Running water provides the foundation for many everyday tasks, including washing the dishes, cooking, showering, gardening, and many other activities. Without it, family life comes to a standstill. Our experienced technicians can ensure that all of your plumbing needs are met so that you can go about your daily household routine with ease.

    You can trust the professionals at Bill Metzger Plumbing to perform basic and advanced water line repairs for your home. We’ve been in business for over five decades and have a reputation for outstanding workmanship, as well as exceptional customer service.

    24/7 emergency service
    Whether you need us to install a water line or need sewer line replacement, we can get the job done in a timely and efficient manner. If you are experiencing a plumbing emergency, please call us right away! We offer 24/7 emergency service.

    Sewer Line Repair Placentia

    It stays out of sight, and you rarely give it a thought, but sewer line repairs are expensive. If you have a sewer line clogged, you suddenly have a lot to worry about. Finding a qualified contractor, getting the right permits, and overseeing a messy project are a hassle. Bill Metzger Plumbing is pleased to offer you a plan to avoid costly, unexpected repair bills and to breathe easier with our total 24-hour service. The Sewer Line Repair Program eliminates most sewer line worries for a low monthly fee. Enroll today, and you’ll have peace of mind. Contact us today for more information about our sewer line repair service in Placentia.

    Sewer Line Replacement Placentia

    As full-service commercial and residential plumbers, we can replace sewer pipes to correct several problems. Commercial building owners are responsible for maintaining the pipes connecting their premises to the city sewer main, generally to the curb or sidewalk. Drain and sewer pipes left in disrepair could cause flooding and groundwater contamination, representing a serious environmental hazard.

    Bill Metzger Plumbing can fix that sewer line to correct several problems, including:

    Damaged pipes due to shifting soil, frozen ground, settling, etc.

    Grease buildup or a foreign object is restricting or prohibiting proper flow and/or cleaning of the line.

    The pipe has deteriorated and/or broken, causing sections of the pipe to collapse and restrict flow.

    The seals between pipes have broken, allowing water to escape into the area surrounding the pipe.

    A section of the pipe has sunk due to ground or soil conditions, creating a valley that collects paper and waste.

    Tree or shrub roots have invaded the sewer line, preventing normal cleaning, and/or roots have damaged the pipe.

    Existing pipes are constructed of substandard or outdated material that may have deteriorated or corroded.

    Water Line Repair in Placentia

    Did you know that the water line that runs from the street to your home is your responsibility? Water line failures can cost a homeowner like yourself thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs.

    Fortunately, there is a program to help you avoid these costly repair bills — Bill Metzger Plumbing has the best water line replacement costs around.
    • Convenience: Simply call our service hotline any time, day or night, and we’ll send a repair specialist to your home within 24 hours.
    • Reliability: Instead of choosing a random contractor, you can rest easy knowing that your line will be repaired by qualified specialists who have experience with water line problems.

    Water Line Replacement in Placentia

    If you’ve noticed a sudden increase in your water bill or puddles forming in your yard when it’s not raining, you may have a leaking or broken water line. Water lines can crack or deteriorate from a variety of unavoidable environmental conditions, and most people don’t realize that maintenance of the water line, which runs from your house to the street, is the homeowner’s responsibility. Fortunately, a rapid response can prevent thousands of dollars worth of damage to your property and hazardous backflow.

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    At Bill Metzger Plumbing, we specialize in and frequently perform water line replacements so you can rest assured that your water line will be serviced by experienced professionals. So whether you suspect you have a problem with your water line or want to run a routine inspection, we have the expertise and knowledge to get the job done in a thorough, timely, and cost-effective manner. For more information or to schedule a free inspection, please contact us today.


    The re-piping process is also known as a re-pipe job (re-pipe, re-piping, re-piping, new piping, re-plumbing, re-plumbing, piping, and piping replacement). Re-piping is part of the plumbing C-36 license classification. We are licensed, expert plumbers. We are experienced, re-pipe specialists. As the pipes of a plumbing system age, these pipes will need to be replaced because of corrosion, rust, leaks, pinhole leaks, low water pressure, and rusty water. It is important to get pipes fixed as soon as possible because leaks destroy homes and cause mold, and this can cause costly damage that you may not even see until it is too late.

    Piping job

    Pipe Relining in Placentia

    Pipe relining is the process of repairing damaged sewer pipes by making, essentially, a pipe within a pipe to restore the functionality of your pipes. The epoxy relining materials that we use the mold to the inside of the existing pipe to create a smooth new inner wall. Many times, pipe relining can be performed through a building’s clean-out access and often requires little digging. Pipe relining may be used to repair pipes that have tree root damage, seal cracks and holes in the pipes, fill in missing pipes, and seal joint connections underground in roof drainpipes, storm lines, and under concrete. The relined pipe is seamless and durable, and all materials used in the relining process are non-hazardous.

    If you have a broken pipe, or possibly a tree root intrusion, contact the services of Bill Metzger Plumbing to fix your problems without having to dig a trench.

    Water Line Replacement in Placentia

    You no longer have to have a trench cut through your yard, sidewalk, or driveway to replace sewer or water pipes. With a small hole at each end of the run, we can pull pipes from the building to the main. We can even upsize a line from 4 inches to 6 inches to provide you with greater capacity. The trenchless method uses the existing damaged sewer line as a conduit and guides for the new pipe. A cone-shaped, path-clearing installation head with the new pipe attached is inserted through the old pipe. As the installation head passes through the existing pipe, it pulls in a full-size replacement pipe.

    After the installation of the new pipe is complete, it is simply connected to the existing system. This code-approved pipe is a completely root-proof, leak-proof, chemical, and acid-resistant pipe, with a 100-year design life. In the past, the only way to repair underground sewer or water pipes was to dig a trench, essentially destroying your front yard or sidewalk. Now, there are trenchless pipe repair and replacement options that minimize the impact on your landscaping — and your wallet.

    Pipe Bursting

    Pipe-bursting trenchless pipe replacement systems allow you to install new pipelines in the same or even larger diameter than the pipe being replaced with minimum excavation. Pipe-bursting systems can be used to replace deteriorated wastewater, water, and gas piping, including vitrified clay, cast iron, concrete, reinforced concrete, asbestos cement, and PVC with high-density polyethylene pipe. This heavy-duty HDPE pipe is available from 4 inches in diameter up to 36 inches in diameter. This high molecular weight pipe is corrosion-resistant and offers excellent flow characteristics. The use of continuous, fusion-welded pipe eliminates problem areas associated with joints such as leakage or infiltration, and permits installation in smooth, jointless lengths. Another advantage is its flexibility, which permits it to be laid in a gradual radius for use on curves and steep hillsides without the need for fittings or excavations.

    Gas Line Repair in Placentia

    It is impossible to predict when a problem will arise with an in-home gas line.

    But with Bill Metzger Plumbing Plumbing’s in-home gas line repair, you don’t ever have to worry about costly, unexpected problems with your lines.
    • Complete line repairs – All parts and problems fixed, 100% guaranteed.
    • Reliable services – Our toll-free hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A qualified, approved contractor will arrive at your house within 24 hours of your call.
    • Guaranteed satisfaction – Stay protected as long as you like. The low monthly charge ensures you will continue to receive the full benefits of our service.

    Gas Line Replacement in Placentia

    If you’re like most people, you are probably unaware that the gas line that runs from your house to the street is your responsibility. What’s more, replacements cost, on average, $800 or more. You can avoid those problems with Bill Metzger Plumbing gas line replacement services.

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    Peace of mind

    You avoid the hassle of finding a qualified contractor and paying for costly repairs. We provide both of these services for you, saving you time and money.

    Reliable service

    Our toll-free hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A qualified, approved contractor will arrive at your house within 24 hours of your call.