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Leak Detection Orange County

Bill Metzger Plumbing offers a non-invasive way to test and locate leaks on the potable hot and cold water systems through out the house.  Our detections include a thoroughly check of the water system, identification of the origin of the leak, multiple estimates for the repair and a solid guarantee with our services.


Specially trained experts: Our technicians have completed the industry’s most extensive training program and are highly skilled to accurately locate the most difficult leaks, without destruction.

Quality equipment: Bill Metzger Plumbing has taken its job a step further by implementing its own proprietary methods and technology to ensure the most non-invasive leak detection possible.


Non-invasive: We are the World leader in the accurate, non-destructive detection of all types of leaks including hidden water and sewer leaks.

Experience and Resources: We’re the Original Leak Specialist with more than 50 years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and ongoing research and development for new leak detection technology and techniques.

Save Money: Our non-invasive methods assure a timely and economical outcome and ensure that damage to property is eliminated or reduced.

Upfront Pricing: We find our customer prefer and accurate price based on us accurately inspecting the situation and making recommendations. Many service companies will quote any price over the phone because they know people may be shopping for the lowest price.  Therefore, many phone quotes are inaccurate and change after a technician sees the job.  We feel this method is Not Fair to customers.  After speaking with our office, you will know up-front what your cost will be to detect the leak.


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