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The T-K4 line from Takagi is a step above many of the features that are found on the T-K3.  This tankless water heater is one of the smallest in Takagi’s line, weighing only thirty-eight pounds ad measuring just 13.8 inches wide.  Because of its small size, you can easily mount the T-K4 on the wall.
With an energy factor of 0.82, this new tankless water heater from Takagi is eco-friendly and super energy efficient.  This tankless water heater burns energy only when hot water is “demanded”, so installing this unit can actually save you up to forty-five percent on your energy costs.
A built-in power venting system makes the T-K4-OS a true stand out.  This tankless water heater was designed for installation outdoors.  Installation is a cinch with this model, as it does not necessitate vent camps or other category III venting.
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