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State Water Heaters Orange County

Bill Metzger Plumbing has been repairing and installing State water heaters for over 50 years. We are one of the most experienced State water heater repair and replacement companies in Orange County. State Water Heaters are an excellent product, if they are installed correctly by professionals like us, a family can enjoy hot water for years, with little to no maintenance.

Below, is valuable information about State Water Heaters, and their product line.
State Premier® GasThe Premier® self-cleaning gas water heater offers high efficiency and a compact design that makes installation easy.  Our Premier® Power-Vent models feature 90% thermal efficiency for a continuous supply of hot water when properly sized for your home.  It’s advanced design ensures that you always get “one more hot shower” when you need it. State Select® Gas  There’s a Select for every home! Select family includes high efficiency and high output models, power vent, power direct vent and direct vent models, and manufactured housing models. For quality and dependability and a wide range of choices, there’s a Select® that’s right for every home!

History of State Water Heaters

State Water Heaters originated in 1946 when Herbert Lindahl, Sr. owning a small organization started to manufacture coal and wood-burning stoves in Nashville. Within the next couple of years, State water heaters started to expand and soon emerged as a leader in the water heaters industry. Throughout the past 50 years, Orange County’s most trusted plumber, Bill Metzger Plumbing has repaired, replaced and installed countless numbers of State Water Heaters in Orange County.


State Water Heaters

Featuring over 500 water heater products, State hot water heaters truly cater to a diverse array of needs and requirements. The technological advancements by State Industries water heaters have ensured the design is much more sleek and compact and installation is easy and convenient.

These state hot water heaters come with a range of features that make them deliver unmatched performances. The product line consists of residential water heaters and commercial water heaters and the various types are listed under them.


Residential State Water Heaters


Residential Hybrid Gas State Water Heater


State Premier – State Hybrid Water Heater

The State Premier Hybrid Water Heater features cutting-edge technology as it combines the best of both conventional and tankless technologies.


State Premier High

Offering a perfect blend of high efficiency and easy installation is this Premier High Efficiency hot water heater. This Star Qualified water heater features 0.70EF rating.


State Efficiency Gas Water Heater

Featuring a new and a compact design, this Energy Star Qualified water heater exemplifies efficiency and simple installation.


Residential Hybrid State Electric Water Heater


State Premier Hybrid Electric

This premium hybrid electric heat pump water heater features a new hybrid design that is more efficient and powerful in its performance.


State Residential Gas Water Heater


State Premier Water Heaters

The Premier range of self-cleaning water heaters offers a perfect blend of high thermal efficiency and a sleek and a stylish design. This particular series comes in four different models – High Efficiency Gas, Self-Cleaning Gas, Power-Vent Gas and Power-Vent DV Gas.


State Select Water Heater

The State Select water heaters offers high efficiency and high output water heater models. The various models include High output standard vent gas, high efficiency standard vent gas, select for Manufactured Housing, Power-Vent Electronic Ignition, Power Direct-Vent, Direct-Vent, Standard Vent Gas Water Heaters and Ultra-Low NOx water heaters.


State Select On-Demand

The State water heaters on-demand category offers tankless gas water heater that is ideal from low to medium demand applications.


State Scout Water Heater

Developed specifically for manufactured housing, the state Scout water heaters comply with the HUD standards and it meets the needs of manufactured housing.


Residential Electric State Water Heaters


State Premier – Self Cleaning Water Heater

The State Premier water heaters feature a self-cleaning design and maximum energy efficiency. The range of Premier Self-Cleaning Electric Water Heaters comes with thick foam insulation and silencer heat traps.


State Select Electric Water Heater

The State Select covers a range of water heater models to meet different requirements. This family of water heaters covers high efficiency models, tall, short and lowboy models, electric models, tabletop, junior and point-of-use models. Dairy Bar, Solar Booster Tank, Electric Water Heaters, high-efficiency Electric Water heaters, Junior Electric Water Heaters and Point-of-Use Electric water heaters are the various models covered under this category.


State Scout Water Heater

The State Scout Electric water heaters are designed specifically for manufacturing housing and the Electric water heaters come with side-mounted cold water inlet and hot water outlet.


State Commercial Gas Water Heaters


State Ultra Force Water Heaters

The Ultra Force Series under State Water Heaters are known for offering high output even on low input. There are two series of water heaters under this category:


  • SUF Series Gas: Features 96% thermal efficiency and draws all combustion air from outside.
  • Force 9,100 Series: This 50gallon light duty commercial gas water heater features a fully submerged condensing heat exchanger.


State Self-Cleaning Sandblaster

The State Sandblaster line of commercial water heaters is known for their unique Hydro-Cannon technology that prevents sediment to settle in the tank.


  • SBS Series: This particular light duty series can be installed as a single unit and is known for its low profile design.
  • SBD Series: This series of water heaters are automatic and come with flue damper that ensures maximum energy savings.
  • SBN Series:This series features water heaters with built-in induced draft blower and low-NOx burner.
  • SDV Series: Featuring turbo-force dip tube, this particular series is known for its self-cleaning characteristic.


State Titan

Offering complete dependability is this range of State Titan water heaters offers the following Series below.


  • GPG Series: This series of water heaters comes with a barometer vent damper and features powered-burner performance.
  • TPG Series: This series of State hot water heaters can be easily installed and comes with electronic flame safeguard controls.
  • TPD Series: This series can function well with both gas and oil and can be mounted on channel iron skids.
  • TPX Series: The TPX series is a range of environmental friendly commercial gas water heaters.


State Commercial Oil Water Heater

The commercial oil series of water heaters are available in the following three models:

State GPO Series:

This series is known for its two layers of high temperature ceramic fiber insulation.


State TPO Series:

This particular series, which is also available in oil comes with a powered gas burner and also features electronic flame safeguard controls.


State TPD Series:

This series of State water heaters supports dual fuel and can function well with both gas and oil. The water heaters feature two tank inspection ports


State Commercial Electric Water Heaters


Self-Cleaning State Sandblaster:

This sandblaster line of electric water heaters are known for their automatic self-cleaning design, 24K gold elements and high energy efficiency.


  • CBS Series:The CBS series feature gold plated elements that offer durability and superior scaling resistance.


State Light Duty Patriot Water Heater

This series of State water heaters is small and compact and known for its flexibility.


  • PCE Series This series of light-duty water heaters are available in different gallon sizes and ideal for townhouses, apartments and condos.


State Premium Heavy Duty Statesman

This series of State water heaters are completely dependable and is designed to offer energy efficiency.
  • SSE Series:This series of commercial State Water heaters features high tech electronic controls.

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