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Sloan Plumbing Fixtures

Bill Metzger Plumbing are the experts in Orange County when it comes to installing and repairing Sloan plumbing products and Sloan bathroom fixtures. Bill Metzger Plumbing’s dedication to serving the people of Orange County is a lot like that of William Sloan’s dedication to building quality plumbing products. William Elvis Sloan was an innovator whose expertise area was in hydraulics and electrical circuitry. Some of sixty hour inventions included the telegraph relay booster, fire safety curtains for theatres, and the Royal Flushometer. In 1906, The Royal was a diaphragm type style valve, was the first piece of merchandise available from the Sloan Company. Bill Metzger Plumbing has been selling and maintaining Sloan plumbing products since Bill Metzger Plumbing started in Orange County back in 1960.
Besides the many benefits of the Flushometer in commercial buildings unlike toilet tanks, the Flushometer was not a quick success. Mr. Sloan only sold one Royal Flushometer during their first year of operations. However, in 1907, Mr. Sloan sold two of them. It wasn’t until 1908, when plumbers and architects became more mindful of the rewards of setting up Flushometers in buildings, Mr. Sloan sold over 150 units that year, and the Sloan Company was taking off.

Mr. Sloan perfected a strong sales process in the early years of doing business. He would gain permission to set up a Royal for demonstration purposes then let the product sell itself. Since their humble beginnings, the Sloan Company has successfully introduced designs and innovative creations in virtually every ten years since the beginning of the business.

During the 1920’s, the Sloan Company opened a newer manufacturing plant to construct the Royal Flushometer valve in Chicago. When the 1930’s arrived, the Royal was improved with the “segment diaphragms” which extended the valve life and produced quieter operations.

In the 1940’s, Mr. Sloan introduces the vacuum breaker technology in the Flushometer, and patents the “Quiet Flush” features.

Mr. Sloan continues to successfully innovate by inventing hidden flush valves and the patented double hand opening valve bodies in the 1950’s. In the 1960’s, the Sloan Company grew enough significantly to demand a newer more automated factory situated in the Chicago, Illinois suburb, Melrose Park. However, the company will grow without its founder when William E. Sloan passes away at age 93 in 1961.

The 1970’s saw large steps in technology when the Sloan Company introduces the first sensing element electronic flushing scheme. This new unique system called OPTIMA Royal is an immediate triumph and leads to another opening of a plant in Franklin Park, 20 minutes west of Chicago, Illinois.

During the 1980’s, testing has confirmed what Mr. Sloan has constantly claimed: The Royal Flushometer is the longest lasting and most exact Flushometer. The Sloan Valve Company further makes another scientific advancement by perfecting battery powered electronics.

As the 1990’s rolled around, The Royal features a few of the most innovative design characteristics available, a dual filtrated fixed bypass arrangement. The ADA compliant Flushometer continues to lead in water conservation, convenience, and design.

To observe the one hundred year anniversary of the Flushometer in 2006, the Sloan Company introduced the Royal Classic, a reproduction of the original Flushometer.

William E. Sloan improved additional technologies as well as the Royal. As the Sloan Valve Company grew, their company’s product line was augmented by groundbreaking products such as the Crown, the Star, the Naval, and the Gem. The company has also formulated automatic urinal flushing systems including the Act-O-Matic showerhead. More importantly, like Orange County’s Bill Metzger Plumbing, the Chicago area based company shows no signs of slowing down.

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