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NR71 Series Residential Tankless Water Heaters

You don’t use hot water 24-hours a day, yet a standard tank-type water heater consumes energy round the clock to keep the water in its tank hot. A Noritz Tankless water heater provides a continuous flow of hot water, so there’s no need to suffer through a cold shower if you’re the last one out of bed. Unlike with a conventional tank-type water heater, the hot water is always there when you need it, and uses less energy producing it. The more energy we can save through energy efficiency, the more we help to reduce greenhouse gases and the risks of global warming.
These tankless water heaters feature:

  • Designed for homes with one to three showers – click for flow rate chart
  • Space and energy efficient – wall-hung unit with fully modulating dual burner design precisely tracks the needs of the system
  • Indoor/outdoor models (SV) includes a power cord and may be installed either inside or outside of the home and are designed to be vented horizontally or vertically
  • Outdoor units (OD) are designed for installation outside of the home and require no additional venting as a horizontal vent is built right into the unit
  • Dual flame burner minimizes temperature fluctuations
  • Fully modulating design and automatic air regulator monitors internal temperature and adjusts burner according to need, providing accurate and efficient response to hot water demands
  • Direct ignition means no standby pilot light to waste energy
  • Built in freeze protection for additional peace of mind
  • Thermal fuse offers automatic overheat protection
  • Commercial grade heat exchanger for superior durability
  • Self-diagnostic onboard computer system
  • Battery back-up compatible
  • Recirculation compatible


Noritz NR71 Tankless Water Heater Specifications:

  • Thermal efficiency: 83%
  • Flow rate of 0.5 – 7.1GPM – click for flow rate chart
  • Temperature settings: 100-160°F (12 options)
  • Gas connection: 3/4″ NPT
  • Water connections: 3/4″ NPT
  • Water pressure min: 15psi, max: 150psi
  • Gas input min: 25,000 BTU, max: 180,000 BTU
  • Gas supply pressure: NG 4.0″ – 10.5″, LP 8.0″ – 14.0″
  • Weight: 41 lbs
  • Air supply/exhaust: Power vented
  • Ignition: electronic (no pilot light)
  • Electrical supply: 120V (60Hz)
  • Actual electrical consumption in Watts
  • SV Model: NG: 59W, LP: 66W, freeze protection: 141W
  • OD Model: NG: 46W, LP: 50W, freeze protection: 141W
  • Actual electrical draw in Amps
  • Operation: 0.5 Amp
  • Standby mode: 0.05 Amp
  • Freeze prevention: 1.2 Amps
  • Dimensions: 23.6″h x 13.8″w x 6.7″d
  • Uses 4″ Category III stainless steel venting


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