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Gas Leak Detection Orange County

In Orange County, gas leaks are no laughing matter, and a slow leak can be a very dangerous presence in your home or business. If you suspect a gas leak, don’t wait; call Bill Metzger Plumbing immediately.

Bill Metzger Plumbing has been the gas leak detection experts of Orange County for over 50 years. They will come to your home or business and assess the gas producing systems. Detecting a gas leak is often difficult, that’s why Bill Metzger Plumbing brings the most up to date gas leak detection systems to every job. If there’s a gas leak present, They will find it.

Bill Metzger Plumbing’s gas leak detection arsenal is comprised of the absolute best in gas detecting apparatus in Orange County.

Some of gas leak detection methods include:

  • Semiconductor gas sensors
  • Ultrasonic gas detectors
  • Electrochemical gas detection

No matter how subtle the gas leak, their team of gas leak detection specialists will find the gas leak, so you can return to living or working in complete safety, free of any gas leaks.

We will locate the gas leak and do whatever work is needed to correct the problem and try to deep your house in service if possible.

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